Aguatec Pressure Washing - If it's dirty we'll clean it
We provide numerous home exterior cleaning and pressure washing services for decks, patios, fences, roofs, driveways, outside furniture, boats, cars, trucks and more. If it’s dirty we’ll clean it.
The president of the National Association of Real Estate Appraisers says you can add as much as 10% to the value of your home by presenting a good first appearance. There's no better or more affordable way to improve the appearance of a home than pressure cleaning the home's exterior. Houses with vinyl siding, brick or stucco can all be pressure washed if done correctly.
Pressure cleaning is one of the most affordable ways to increase a home's value while at the same time, restoring and extending its life by removing harmful dust, dirt, mold and mildew. Aguatec Pressure Washing services include exterior house washes, concrete and brick cleaning, roofs and gutters as well as the professional cleaning of company truck fleets and equipment. Don't overlook the many benefits of pressure washing and consult with an experienced cleaning contractor to protect your residential or commercial property today.
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Our service area includes Anderson, SC, Greenville, SC, and Oconee, SC.

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